We are a gymnastic training center that provides instruction for children 12 months to teens. We offer preschool, recreational, and Junior Olympic Gymnastics. We aslo offer GTC Ninja classes for boys and girls.  GTC is a safe, enthusiastic and fun place to learn and grow. We have over 38 years of providing the finest service to the Oakland and Macomb counties of Michigan. Our Instructors and Coaches are next to none, with proficiency, love of children, and commitment to each and every student. We have the best Birthday parties around and our Summer Camps are so full of fun that our customers can't wait for more.  Parents Night Out is also a great way to have free time for Mom and Dad, and have the kids have a rewarding and fun time at the gym.


The GTC Staff attends monthly meetings, yearly clinics and the USA Gymnastics National Congress to learn more about the sport of gymnastics and ways to keep classes and teams exciting and new. All of our directors are USAG Safety Certified, SafeSport Certified and CPR Certified.
GTC is an ADA compliant business and will offer auxiliary aids for learning as well as additional services when necessary.


  • Please wait in the lobby until your class is called in
  • Check in at the desk if you are doing a trial class or a make up
  • All students with shoulder length or longer hair should pull hair back into a ponytail
  • No jewelry, food or gum during class
  • Students should bring their own water bottle
  • Girls in gymnastics classes must wear a gymnastics leotard (no skirt)
  • Boys and all ninjas should wear athletic shorts and t-shirts (no zippers or buttons)