Instructional Gymnastic Classes

Instruction H
Ages: 7-9 yrs. old
7-9 yr. old girls. Apparatus and tumbling with groups in each class for beginning and intermediate level students. Girls must be 7 years old to attend these classes. 55 minute class.
Instruction M
Ages: 8-16 yrs. old
8-16 yr. old girls. Apparatus and tumbling with groups in each class for beginning, intermediate & advanced level students. Girls must be 8 years old to attend these classes. 85 minute class.
Boys G
Ages: 9-16 yrs. old
9 - 16 yr. old boys only. Beginning to Intermediate level students use spring floor, vault, high bar, parallel bars, rings & pommel horse. 55 minute class.
Girls Cheer Tumbling
Ages: 8-14 yrs. old
8 - 14 yr old girls. Cheer jumps, tumbling skills needed for cheerleading & conditioning for strength. 55 minute class.
Boys/Girls Tumbling & Tumbling Plus
Ages: 8-16 yrs. old
8 - 16 yr. old boys & girls. Especially geared for floor gymnastics used in cheerleading & dance. Tumbling skills learned using the spring floor, pit & trampoline.
Drop-In Gymnastics
Ages: 5 yrs. and older
Ages 5 & up. This is a great opportunity to practice the skills learned in class, jump on the trampoline or flip around in foam pits. You do not have to be in a class to participate, so invite your friends and neighbors to come along. ( A waiver form must be filled out by a parent/guardian before anyone may attend. Participants must have a current waiver on file and pay the annual $5.00 registration fee)

It is $7 at the door or we offer a Punch card for $25.00 - for 5 drop-ins. More value for your money!
Ninja Zone
Ninja Zone Ninja Zone is a fast paced, skill based program geared for boys (and girls) on energy overload. The Ninja training will combine military style obstacle courses, gymnastics tumbling, martial arts and break dance moves into one fluid motion.